Bathroom Update

I’ve got a bathroom dilemma- I’m trying to decide what color to paint the vanity. The walls are “institutional white” because they were some nasty brown paneling- and until we can fully re-do the bath, we’re sticking with easy changes.

So, the walls are white… the tiles in the shower are white and pink. Yes, p
ink. I can live with it— the shower doors are gold trim. I went the wrong way and did silver accents on the hooks and the new stuff. I know, bad Mary.
But I’m trying to work with the pink theme, by interjecting pictures of flowers, and green towels etc. So, I was thinking of just giving the vanity a new brown coat, but I was a
lso debating gray or a deep green. Moss colored. I do NOT want to do white, as that is just too much white in one room- and it may work in some places- just not here, not now. I CAN paint the walls again, but I’d rather not. So, let me know what you think.
Here’s the before shots of the bathroom
And here are some lovely AFTER shots-
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2 thoughts on “Bathroom Update

  1. TitansFan on said:

    I like black myself. I just bought this Bathroom Vanity. It looks pretty good with the kind of flat black finish. Best of luck to you!

  2. Mary on said:

    That's an awesome vanity. Thanks for stopping by!

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