Too Short of a weekend.

Well, we had a guest come and stay with us, and then proceed to talk us into driving to Richmond, so we did not accomplish anything we set out to do.  But we did have a fun evening in Richmond.
We went duckpin bowling (my first time) with our friends Ashley and Nick.  Was tons of fun, specially with the black light.  Can’t say much about the bands though, but that’s okay.  We only drove down Saturday afternoon to have dinner and then came home on Sunday afternoon.  No one can say we’re not spontaneous.

Since then, I have accomplished cleaning out the guest bedroom (has to be roomy enough for the window guys to get in there), bought some really pretty fabric to make something (napkins, curtains… who knows) as well as buying containers for underneath the sink in the bathroom.  Unfortunately, I was drawing up the bathroom on CAD and there is no way we can do what I want.
What did I want?  I wanted to squeeze two bathrooms out of the 5×12 space.  No can do.  Well, I could if I only wanted an extra powder room.  But I wanted a master bath.  I have other plans now though.  We’ll fix that one up nice and perdy, and then maybe down the road convert the hall closet into a tiny powder.  It just may work.  And we’re definitely planning on a full bath in the basement… but that project is a LONG way off.

Sam also has managed to put a coat over the old brick walls as well as a coat around the new door frame into the kitchen, and patched some of the existing holes we had (everywhere!)

Anyway, here’s some pictures of our insane house right now

Here’s some pics of the front of our house-  We’re getting new windows and siding this week!  Hooray!!  At least it looks super lush and green!  The new siding color is called Thistle, and it’s a grey green color- and we’re debating on the shutter colors.  We’re thinking black.  Any suggestions???
This is our current fencing– it’s going too– don’t worry.  But, until we can scrounge up more money after the windows and siding, this is what we’ll be looking at folks!
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