Catch up pics!

Well, Sam and I went to Atlanta this past weekend for my niece’s graduation.  Therefore, we did not get much done on the house.  Actually, nothing.  Right.  

So I figured I would put up some photos from the most recent updating- including the opening of the pool!  Here you go!

Here’s a view from the pool- that’s the back deck that needs to be re-done- as well as the green pool (actually, it’s a LOT less green now that there are chemicals in it!)

This is the living room- still messy, but we got one wall painted “Mississippi Mud” it looks green in certain light, but it’s actually brown.

The hallway- see our nice hardwood?  The refinishers did a great job!  And mom helped me tear down the remaining wallpaper.  I loathe removing wallpaper.

Master bedroom- one wall is Spa Pool Blue and the remainder are Madision Avenue.  I like it a lot.

Guest bedroom was painted, and was cleaned… but things get re-arranged!  This color is Lynchburg Green or something like that.

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One thought on “Catch up pics!

  1. LoveLladro on said:

    Looking good!

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