Injuries and Bruises

I need to find a blog that’s easier to use.  I hate the process of loading pictures onto this one- can anyone tell me a better blog site- or maybe just an easier way?  It would be SUPER easy to just be able to click and drag a picture on here– and maybe I can, and I just have no clue.

Anyway- I have extensively damaged my legs, arms and now my foot, during this entire renovation process.  Britney tsk’s at me when we go to the gym and she sees my legs.  And you thought Rihanna was bruised (bad joke).  I cannot tell you how I manage to get all the bruises on my legs- or arms (banged a corner today) but I can tell you how I shmushed my foot.  During the whole “lets be gung ho and take down the bulkhead by myself” hour- I precariously balanced a kitchen cabinet door on the side of the countertop.  Lo and behold, it has no balance itself, and landed smack on the pinkie toe- creating a mess of my feet.  I thought I broke it- and I’ve broken my pinkie toe before (again, banging a corner) and I know for a fact that if I HAD broken my toe- the hospital does nothing but tape it to your other toe.  And besides,  I could still bend it.  It hurt, but I could still bend it.  So, I put some ice on it, took a break, and then went and put shoes on.  Yea, I know.
So, then I commenced ripping out the bulkhead by myself, and removed all the cabinet doors.  I did not, however remove the cabinets in whole.  I waited until my man with his rippling pectorals came home.  THEN we took them down. 
So, this is what the kitchen looks like now.  
Who knew that the drywall was yellow.  Interesting!
And here’s how my foot looks.  Gorgeous isn’t it??
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3 thoughts on “Injuries and Bruises

  1. TortfeasorG on said:

    You should try Windows Live Writer, which you can download here: is made by Microsoft and it’s a program that you can use to draft blog posts and publish them to your blog when you’re done. I think it also makes it easier to add pictures.

  2. LoveLladro on said:

    hey there… first of all, gross foot.second… I know Adam commented about Live Writer but he also thought of and as other alternatives. I have the same issues with Blogger and pictures… kind of a pain! Miss you guys much! Congrats on the new house… love seeing (and hearing about) the new house!

  3. Seth & Victoria on said:

    That photo brings back so many memories of when we gutted our kitchen. Ahhhh, I feel for you.

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