Happy Birthday

Well, today is Sam’s mothers birthday, as well as a good friend of ours who lives out of town.  Upsides to not having a job is that I got to go to Tea with my in laws- to celebrate.  We went to Reynolds Tavern in Annapolis- where I took my family the Friday before I got married– just the ladies of course–


and I had a High Tea- which you can choose soup salad or quiche, and then you get high tea- which includes tea (obviously) and scones, and finger sandwiches, and desserts.   I definitely did not finish my desserts, which is fine, I brought them home to Sammy– hope he’ll like them—  yum-o!

We have a party filled weekend in store- it’s a jump around party tomorrow morning for our nephews (Julie asked if Sam would make “So good you need a cigarette after” cake to bring) and then his brother wants to have a cook out at his house afterwards- and what a great day it’ll be.  It is supposed to be 60+ degrees out tomorrow.  I am really excited.

I dyed my hair Wednesday evening.  It’s a bit on the “cherry” side- but I like it.  It’s just got some auburn highlights in it- because dummy me always goes for the “ASH” color- when I think that’s the one I am supposed to stay away from?  Eh who knows.  Anyway- I needed a change– feeling a bit stuck in a rut. And that’s a no complications thing to change.

Also went to Joann’s today with Sarah.  She was picking out fabric for more baby-wranglers (if you want one- let me know… they are slings) and I picked out this GORGEOUS fabric that I am dying to make into something.  Was thinking about upholstering a headboard for our new master bedroom (you know, when we get one) but I’m not sure yet.  Sam wants blue paint in our room- and this would have to go- with it.. it’s more of a cyan coloring.  Brighter blue.  Maybe he’ll like it, and if he doesn’t?  It goes into my  office!  I’ll figure out something for it!!

All right- Sammy just got back from his bike ride and I think tonight is pizza night!!

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