How funny.  Just this week I’ve been re-hashing my engagement.
The facts are this:

As you well know, I finally chose the pictures for my “formal” wedding album.  Telling my co-worker this, caused a “boasting” of sorts.  He brought in his daughters scrapbook of her engagement, which is pret-ty nice.  She gets married in November.  So of course, it put me to shame, and I had to dig myself out of that pity party by telling MY engagement story.  Which, of course, got its oohs and ahhs.  And I am now on a quest to find any and all pictures from my engagement, and create my OWN scrapbook album of our engagement and our wedding.  (Since my “real” album will only have 20 images and definitely not show everything that went into our wedding) (Also, my co-worker is going to have his son fix my pictures because they are pretty dark and fuzzy… hooray!)
So I gathered most of the pictures I could find- I have 11.  While looking at them this morning, my friend Elisa emails me and says “Guess what I have on my left hand”

She’s engaged!  He proposed to her last night at Ruths Chris in Annapolis, and I’m sure she’s just beaming.  (I only heard how excited she was over the phone).  The ring is gorgeous, of course, and she’s soaking it up.  Hooray for Elisa!!!

PS- I will post the “updated” pictures when I get them back, here’s some of my photos.
Those cars spell out “MARY WILL YOU MARRY ME”
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