Cutbacks- Economy

So what would REALLY happen if we had another “Great Depression”??  I think about the things my grandma went through.  She was a teenager during the Great Depression, and she worked so her mother could stay home and care for the children.  She was one of 13 children.

I would probably lose my job, as I do not deal with “necessary items.”  People who are broke do not buy new kitchens.  So, I’d stay home.  Sam would keep his job?  Or are there enough elevator guys to do his job?  Maybe, maybe not.  I just wonder what WOULD be different.  Would we give up cell phones, we would drive less (a WHOLE lot less), we would take more care as to what we ate and when… no crap food as it costs more.  What else? 

I wonder to think if this is a good thing?  I know people lost money and I know its hard to lose a job.  This I know.  Eh.  I’m just rambling.

This comes about as there have been cutbacks in MY company… and I know I’m pretty low on the ladder. Yet I trust in the Lord and all his plans for me. So regardless of what happens, I feel confident in the knowledge that He rules all.


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