And, reality settles back in…

Well, I must say, that vacation was well deserved and well worth it.  We had a beautiful week “Downy Ocean Hon” as Baltimor-ons would say.  We were in Ocean City, Maryland from Thursday til Saturday the following weekend.  The weather was perfect, the crowds were diminished and we had a blast.  Spent the first few days with friends, the rest of the week was with family.

Sam brought down his surf board, two bikes, and we had time enough to use both of them, which made Sam a happy boy.  Spent time at the beach, at the house with family, at the outlets (yawn)… rode bikes from OC to the house (Snug Harbor near Berlin) and from the house to Assateauge Island to see the ponies… played in the water at the beach, the outdoor pool, the indoor pool… 

It was great.  I feel well rested and stress free after a nice week like that.  Here are some fun pics from the weekend!
The girls and I playing Mini golf, the first weekend.  I got a hole in 1!!
The boys boogie boarding and being nerds- HIGH FIVE!!!
Sammy catchin some waves—- 
And Micah and Aunt Mary, enjoying the last few rays of the day!!
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