Updating- feel like a grown up

Well, since moving out of our apartment and into our new digs- we had decided that we would get rid of our crappy dresser (bottoms falling out of the drawers, mismatched furniture) and bedside tables and buy new ones when we moved out, so we can start actually “matching.”

First of all, let me say, this was Sam’s idea, not mine (surprised? yes.) Well, I threw in the bedside tables, because if we were getting a new dresser, we should get new tables.

Anyway, we FINALLY got them. I’ve been eyeing them up in the IKEA catalogs for a while. We went this Saturday and bought them, and put them togther (took forever) and now, our room is less hectic and crazy. We have not put up the mirrors or anything yet, but I might take on that task tonight.

Here’s what we got:

It’s crazy, but now that I have matching bedroom furniture, I sort of feel more grown up. Can anyone explain this phenomenon to me?
I know, I know, Ikea furniture is “college” student. But come on, aren’t they nice?? Yes, they are. AND they match my existing bedside lamps, and our gorgeous pale green and beige comfortors (which match the shades… I might add). So now I just have to wait for the next piece. I am thinking with the amount of clothes the two of us have, we may have to buy this pretty item. Have you guys seen our closets!!??
Eventually, we WILL have everything matching, at least in our bedroom, and it’s fabulous when you realize your husband has similar tastes to yours when it comes to these things! We both even liked the bed set to match, or a wrought iron bedframe (which I loved—). Hooray!!
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3 thoughts on “Updating- feel like a grown up

  1. Brian & Brooke Barnett on said:

    This is so great! I love the new furniture! I hope you guys are enjoyinf your new place. Can I get your new address? We want to continue to send you guys our update letter! If you want you can email it to me- brookeloveschina@gmail.comThanks! Love you!

  2. Seth & Victoria on said:

    Is it that you both like the same thing or that you’ve been together so long that you’re likes have just molded your together creating your style??? Either way, I really like the new furniture. I can’t wait till we move and get new bedroom furniture as well.

  3. andibelle on said:

    Love the new furniture! 🙂

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