Keys & Chocolate Grapes

I’m excited. Tonight I am going to start the process that is “Uvas Em Chocolate” for our friends(The G’s) going away party on Sunday. Yes, these delicious little morsels require at least 3 days to make, if only because of the delicious filling (I will post recepie and pictures later).

So this morning, my phone rings at 6 am. Ugh. It’s Sam.

“Are you running around like crazy looking for your keys?”

uhhh “not yet” as I am still in bed, face in the pillow

“because I have them”

Oh great. Let me remind you, Sam leaves at 5 am, to drive to DC for work. Great. There’s no way I’m getting those keys until later today.

“crap, I have a doctors appointment too”

“let me call mom and see if you can borrow her car.”

Thank goodness we live so close to family, and thank goodness that his mom now has a car I could borrow! Sam inadvertantly grabbed my keys when he grabbed his work keys.

So, I decided that I would be a good girl and jog to Barb and Jay’s to get the car. Good intentions. I woke back up at 8:30. Just in time to see Chad getting ready to leave. I said, can I grab a ride from you (explaining the whole thing) so he dropped me off, I drove back home with enough time for a shower and getting to the doctors and to work on time. FOOF!

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One thought on “Keys & Chocolate Grapes

  1. LoveLladro on said:

    Wahoo… can’t wait to try these Uvas Em Chocolate! I had no idea they were so involved! Thanks again for bringing them!

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