Most Unfortunate…

Don’t you hate it when your evening is ruined by an outside element? 

Ah, yes.  My Friday evening was ruined.  Sam and I and some friends went to go and enjoy the movie “Dark Knight” on opening night, at 10:30 pm.  We got there early where our friends were waiting for us, got in line (yes, there was a line forming at 9:20 for the 10:30 showing, duh!) and we were the second group in line.  So, we go in, get great seats, and sure enough, the people sitting down behind us have an adorable 14 month old.  Yes, 14 month old.  At a 10:30 showing of Batman.  (okay, maybe he wasn’t even 14 months old, maybe he was 16 or 18 months old.  Who really cares). 

I looked at him, looked at Sam, and swallowed the bitter pill that is “Oh, effing great” and said, that’s a cute kid.  Most of the movie went by pretty normal, but occasionally I would hear “come sit with daddy, lets watch batman” and I would feel the kid pull on my chair as he walked past our seats to get to his mothers seat.  And then, of course, the occasional “cute” growling between parent and child.  (is everyone catching on to my utter sarsasm?  Cause, yea, I’m being sarcastic) and then, about 45-30 minute before the movie is ending, the kid starts CRYING. 

I’m not talking whining, I’m talking CRYING.  I shot as many dirty looks as I possibly could, and I am sure I wasn’t the only one.  At a few points I even said, “Come on man, take your kid out of the theater”  and bless my heart, the father said back to me “if you’d stop looking at him he’d stop crying.” 
My goodness, I should have known it was me, not the scary clown, not the scary bat, but ME making the kid cry.  Why didn’t I think of that before. 

So, sure enough, Sam and I have NO clue what went on in the last half hour of the movie, thanks to the a-hole father who wouldn’t take his crying child out of the theatre.   UGHHH. 

I don’t have a problem with people bringing their kids to the movies.  Yes, it is a family event.  I DO, however, have a problem with people who bring their children to the movies when its a completely inappropriate movie for the child.  Like, 6 year olds at an R rated movie.  Granted, some stuff goes right over their head, but there is so much in moveis now that  people should probably not let their children see.  I also have a problem with people bringing their children to the movies, and being SO inconsiderate, that they don’t remove their child from the theatre when they are acting up enough to aggravate other movie goers- who ALSO paid an arm and a leg to see the movie.  Much less, opening night, when a movie is sold out, AND is past a kids should be bedtime.  I was just completely aggravated.  Awful.  Come on, have some consideration for all the other people who want to enjoy a movie.  (What, for you parents WITH kids, it was your first night out in a while, and oh joy of joys, some else’s screaming child.  I bet you’d be pissed.)

So, who’s at fault?  The movie theatre, for allowing people to bring children in who can’t sit still?  The parents?  Me, for buying a ticket?  Come on. 

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One thought on “Most Unfortunate…

  1. LoveLladro on said:

    You just reminded me why I don’t go to the movies anymore! High prices and rude people. I really want to see Dark Knight but I will be waiting until it’s out on DVD ;~)

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