Moving times… two.

Well, as you all know, we’ve been in the process of packing and re-locating all of our stuff in the apartment to John’s basement. (Bless him for letting us store our crap there for approx. 7 months!) It’s a sad time, and yet, I am more and more excited by each day.This morning, I spent 45 minutes emptying out the attic of all of our stuff we’ve just been haphazardly shoving up there. Halloween costumes in bags, wreaths laying around… bringing it down and trying to re-configure some of it, others, just labelling and taping. I got ALMOST everything out of the attic. The only thing I couldn’t get out were two boxes of heavy stuff (books I believe) that I just could not reach by myself. Hopefully Sam will be up for taking a van full over to John’s house. I’ve also noticed that our walls are like Swiss cheese… so we’ve been patching (that started last night while dinner was cooking, and while Sam was dis-assembling our Ikea shelves).Now, I wish I had taken some pictures of the apartment before we started destroying it, to have before and afters. It was a great time of our lives.But, yes, packing and moving. We’re keeping ourselves busy. AND, this weekend, when we’re not packing and moving our own crap, we’ll be helping Sarah and Jake pack and move their crap because… drum roll please…THEY GOT A HOUSE!!Praise the Lord, they’ve got a house. So exciting! So they need some help packing and moving everything this weekend I believe. Best part of it, is that they got a house on the street we’re moving to (for the brief stint) so I can just walk up to Sarah and Jake’s. (for any of you who know how often we drove to their house, this is awesome)

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One thought on “Moving times… two.

  1. LoveLladro on said:

    YAY for moving and saving money for a home! We are packing right a long side you guys!

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