Weekend in Review

So, this weekend Sam and I went money crazy. It was apparently no object this weekend (I think we’re preparing for a couple of “dry” months going-out wise when we start saving)
ANYWAY, we went to RAMS HEAD TAVERN on Friday, because from 5-7 it’s free wings! We went with Steve and two of his friends… then we decided to go see the NEW Hulk movie.
Saturday, Sam had to work, so I went to the gym and then to a wedding shower for Sam’s (and mine I suppose) cousins who are getting married this July. When I got home (after hanging out with Sarah, Jake and adorable Micah) Sam, Jason, Britney and I went to Bennigans. Good food, and it was nice to really get to sit and talk with Jason and Britney. After that, we decided to go see The Happening, at 11:50 no less. Meaning, Sunday morning we slept in, and spent the day at the Bunn house celebrating fathers day by swimming and eating and eating and swimming.

Okay, movie review time. Hulk was good, entertaining. Hulk stayed the same size, and I love Edward Norton. I think he’s a great actor. Liv Tyler, not so much. Her main line in the Hulk was and I quote “Bruce…” now imagine her pushing her lips out as much as possible. Yep. that’s Steven Tyler’s daughter. All in all, wasn’t a waste of time. The Happening, however, was a complete waste of time. I usually like M Night Shyamalan’s movies. From Unbreakable, to The Village, I even sort of liked Lady in the Water. But the Happening sucked. It was awful. Don’t watch it. Or if you really want to, go to a matinee so you’re not spending 10 bucks a person.
Mark Wahlberg and Zooey Deschanel were pretty bad. But as Sam always tells me the actors are only as good as the director. I’m not so sure. But some critics are saying she did a good job. Bah. And I completely understand that everyone has their own opinions, and you are more than entitled to them. For example, Sarah said she really liked the movie, and when Pat and Julie were planning to go see it last night (I babysat) I told them,”I’m just letting you know, Sam and I both thought this movie was really terrible, but Sarah liked it. You may like it, but I’m pretty sure you wont”. Sure enough, Julie comes home and was like, THAT MOVIE WAS CRAP! Ha, I’ve proved my point. They decided they still wanted to go see it because she loved lady in the water and figured this would be the same, you love it or hate it. But I told her, and see!

Sigh, anyway, enough ranting and raving.

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