Take it to the Mattresses

Well, it’s been made. We sat down an talked to our “host” couple last night. They will be hosting us for six months in their house… letting us save money towards a new house, all the while helping them around their house. It’s just amazing that God has this all planned, that we literally had a choice between four people… (we chose the ones without babies) who would be more than willing to let us live with them. I hope that we can repay it, or “Pay it forward” I suppose. We’ve been blessed. Individually and as a couple, the Lord is just making our way easier and easier.

So, what this means is that at the end of July, we will be moving approximately 1 mile from where we live now. Paring down to essentials for the 6 months, we’ll be going from a 2 bedroom apartment all to ourselves to one bedroom IN a house. Ha. Luckily though, there is a seperate bathroom for Sam and I upstairs. I am really excited because this small step leads to an even larger step in the scheme of things.

I asked Sam about writing a letter to the homeowners of the house that we had wanted to put a bid in on. I’ve heard a lot about people who wrote to the owners, expressing their interest in their house and would they wait for them, or would they consider them above all others etc etc etc. He said, let’s just wait and see if there’s anything NEW on the market in six months. And I have a calm assurance now. I feel good about that decision. (Last week, I had looked up the house again, making sure it was still on the market, and they had dropped their price by 25,000… of course my heart went into double time, worried that someone will buy it and then we’ll have nothing to buy when the time comes… and I called Sam to tell him that we needed to buy it NOW) But anyway, he’s Mr. Calm,Cool and Collected, while I become Anxious Anne. Go figure.

But its still amazing to me that all these things work together- that only God’s plan is the right one. Scripture tells us who God really is. He’s not a God who loves from afar. He’s a God who cares about the details of our lives. Nothing is too small to present to Him (like, where should we live for 6 months?). Nothing escapes His attention, His care, and His love.

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One thought on “Take it to the Mattresses

  1. LoveLladro on said:

    we are right there with you… We are moving in with Adam’s parents for awhile! The end result is worth it!

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