Cards by Mary

I sold cards the other day! My co-worker (after been given a handmade birthday card from me) expressed to me that she would rather buy MY homemade cards than crappy cards for the same price. So I went home and made a ton of cards (will post some later) and sold them to her, for $3 bucks each. I am going home to make more, as she is a definite card sender (I’ve seen her send 5-8 cards out in a day!) and she requested sympathy, more thank yous, and the like.

It makes me excited, because maybe I CAN make some extra cash doing something like cards. I’ve always enjoyed it, and its nice to have someone else enjoy it. I had a blast making them too, go figure!

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One thought on “Cards by Mary

  1. LoveLladro on said:

    love that idea! What a great way to earn extra dinero!

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