Well, it seems as though a lot of people we know are going through the changes. (not those changes) but between pregnancies, babies, moving, graduating from college… etc etc.

We are amongst those throngs. We are going to be moving out of our fabulous apartment (and truly, it is) to move in with someone (as of yet to be 100% decided) for six months +/- and save some buckos to buy a house.

This is all moving very quickly, which usually scares the bejeebers out of me, but I’m ready. I’ve already started taking pictures off the walls and packing. I’m ready to have a house with a yard. I am ready to put money into my own pocket (as opposed to someone else’s… even though they’ve been great landlords for three+ years) I’m ready to paint the walls any color I want, to re-do a kitchen with cabinets we like, to get things the way I like them.

Granted, I love our apartment. A “carriage house” style apartment, we had no neighbors above, below or next to us. We have two bedrooms, a fantastic living room/dining room mixture, and washer and dryer in the bathroom. Honestly, it was an incredible blessing when Rachel and I found it in December of 04, when sam moved in after our wedding in 06, and it still is… even last night as Sam and I sat in the living room, easting snowballs.

I will miss it, I really will. But I look forward to moving on with my life, and taking a big step with Sammy.

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One thought on “Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes.

  1. LoveLladro on said:

    isn’t it hard to start making those changes… i usually fight it a little but then accept the fact that everything changes. i think the saving for the downpayment is a great idea!

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