So long sweet April…

Well, I haven’t posted in quite a while, but I promise to post more often.

In the recent months/weeks we’ve…. gone to OC for Sam’s Bithrday and our Anniversary (it was the weekend of his Birthday, as our anniversary is in May) and purchased a new camera!

Our trip to Ocean City was well worth it. We had not been away (just the two of us) since our Honeymoon. Every vacation we’ve taken has been with friends or family, OR to visit my family. We pretty much did whatever we wanted. Which included: Breakfast at Generals Kitchen, Sam got to surf, Mary got to relax on the beach and read, we both relaxed, and buffet dinner at Phillips.

The new camera, was also part of our anniversary present. We had been eyeing it up at Costco/BJ’s and finally purchased it (thank you, Govt $$) using the economy stimulus we receieved. The camera is the Olympus camera that is shock proof, water proof and freeze proof. We figure that’s a good investment for a couple like us that enjoys kayaking, swimming, hiking, skiiing/snowboarding, etc, etc. And in general, it’s SOOO nice to have a camera that works! We’ve only had a handmedown camera with a busted screen for a year, and before that we were on 35mm film (which of course I still love, but I appreciate the instant gratification I get with a digital).

THIS weekend for Mothers Day, we decided to go visit a NEW mother. Our friends Carrie and Brandon are the proud parents of one Sage Abram Bishop. He’s a tiny two weeks old so far, and such a noise maker! After spending time with them Saturday morning, we all went to play Frisbee golf in Charlottesville, and had such a perfect day for it. Unfortunately, Sam lost two of his frisbees (fantastic…) but it “required” a dip into the lake he threw it in to see if he could find it. Then of course, Brandon had to go in too. Quite entertaining.

We drove home in the rainy rainy weather on Sunday, to arrive at Tricia and Joe’s for a Mothers Day indoor cookout- spent some time there with family and then headed home to our stinky house from the weekend… and back to work on Monday.

No plans so far for the coming weekend, but I’m sure with us, it WILL be entertaining!!

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