Busy Week

Well, it’s been a crazy week/weekend. Sam and I got to see the Bodies Exhibit at the Maryland Science Center. Would recommend it to anyone. Yes, it cost a lot, but it was amazing to see the body in all its glory. There were some organs showing- which did not bother me, but you could tell people were giggling about it. Actually, one little girl said- “I know that one was a boy. Because I can see his potty parts”. Quite funny.

Also, we went to our first Navy Lacrosse game of the season (WOOT!). Was a ton of fun, but still pretty chilly for a LAX game. Everyone had a blast- too bad we were on the wrong side to get TSHIRTS!

Other than that, really busy week at work, which is fantastic. I was literally exhausted yesterday, (so I said, no way to small group tonight, sorry guys) But, I have no room to complain. As it goes, it’s been pretty slow. So the pick up is good, even if it’s short lived. Come on kitchens!

I was the recipient of such a sweet email this week also- “Hey lady. I was just thinking about you the other day, and thought, I miss Mary’s laugh. You have a great laugh. Just thought you should know”

Thank goodness it’s FRIDAY, I am ready for the weekend!! Got ladies night tonight and Sammy and I are hoping to go to DC tomorrow to see the Cherry Blossoms. Bring it on!

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