Babies Babies Babies

Well, this weekend we (meaning Sarah, Jake, Micah, Rachel, Lawrence, Sam and I) drove down to VA to see Carrie and Bishop, Matt and Smokey- and to celebrate the new baby that’s coming in April, baby Bishop. Kathie and Smokey threw a baby shower for Carrie on Sunday. But the whole weekend was quite interesting. At Church Carrie was telling me about all the women that are pregnant, and it seemed to be the entire group of ladies in their 20’s. I guess it’s that time of my life.
On Sunday, before the baby shower, Carrie and Sarah were asking me if this past weekend was making me want a baby. Yes and no. Yes, because I see and I understand what a wonderful part of my life this will be when it happens. No, because I am not ready… I love the life Sam and I have right now. No stress on bills, we can do what we want when we want… I guess I’m just selfish. But we’ve only been married for two years in May, and I want more time to be Sam and Mary Bunn.

I did see how motherhood really helps form an instant connection with anyone who is a mother– I see Sarah talking to some woman about breatfeeding, and it makes me a little sad that I can’t do that yet. Just talk about motherhood- but I will when the time comes.

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